What people are saying about Plentyfullme Nutrition Services:

Michelle is incredibly knowledgeable and really helped me understand how the food I eat effects me. She asked me questions and showed genuine interest in understanding my lifestyle, eating habits and concerns. She made sure that I wasn't overwhelmed with change and helped me introduce easy and simple adjustments to my diet that have helped. She was generous with her time and I really appreciated her expertise :) Thank you so much! 

- Jamie W.

I started working with Michelle a few months ago and she has made my life so much more richer and healthier. All the information and tremendous support has been a wonderful eye-opening experience for me. I’ve been blessed to work with Michelle who has transformed my life for the better and overcome all the challenges I faced with my health after cancer and chemo therapy. Her compassion, dedication and loving approach has truly made all the difference. Thank you for helping me make a permanent change to my lifestyle!

- Kirsten W.

I have known Michelle personally for almost a decade but only hired her as my Nutrition and lifestyle coach this past January, 2018. I shouldn't have waited so long. I have struggled with my health over the years and I was desperate for guidance. Unfortunately, my biggest issue has always been being told what to do! Somehow, Michelle breaks through my rebellious ways and inspires me to follow her lead. I feel understood, supported and well educated. Michelle takes the time to explain things to me and patiently supports my own timing through my transformation process. If you want to feel great, look great, and have support along the way, connect with Michelle, you will not be disappointed. THANK YOU Michelle, you have changed my life.

- Kari O.

I worked with Michelle for a span of three months. During that time she gave me a lot of support and positive feedback. She is full of information and showed me how easy it is to live a healthier life. I learned so much from her! In the first 15 days of working together, she helped me loose 10 pounds by changing my diet into a more whole food, plant base approach. Because of her I gained my energy back. Thank you Michelle!!

- Ashley M.

Working with Michelle has been vital to me taking my first steps to true health. Her compassion being able to recognize my baby steps and patience when I didn’t get it the first time is beyond compare. I value all her information and honesty when she doesn’t have the answers but is willing to go the extra mile to help me find a solution. Thank you for checking in and not giving up on me with my journey. Thank you for waiting patiently for me to come back to you after a diet fad and get skinny quick scheme. I feel healthier and mentally stable now being able to handle all the things that use to stress me out so much more. Thank you for giving me back my wellness and showing me the path. You are the best!!

- Brooke G.

Before I met with Michelle, I felt awful, my health was not good, my energy levels were incredibly low, I had terrible heartburn, I was pre-diabetic with a blood glucose level of 6.9, and I didn’t have any motivation. Without guidance, I have a hard time starting something new because when I do, I tend to give up right away. This is how I felt with my health. I didn’t know how to start, I felt lost. So, I asked for help. I hired Michelle as my Nutritionist, and I can’t believe what a difference she has made in my life. She helped me go through my fridge and pantry and together we threw out everything that would negatively impact my health. She taught me how to make Kombucha, which completely eliminated my pop addiction. She showed me what to eat and how to eat for optimal health. And since working with her, I'm happy to say, I no longer have heartburn, I lost 30 pounds, and I have more energy to play with my daughter. My blood glucose level is now a 5.4, which means I'm no longer pre-diabetic. I feel confident in the kitchen, preparing more healthy foods for my family and because of this, my husband no longer has high blood pressure. I never realized the impact healthy eating could have on your life. Luckily for me, I realized this before it was too late. Thank you for everything you have done Michelle - 5/5 stars!

Heather L.