Are you a brand or have a product you would like to see promoted on Plentyfullme? If so, I would love to work with you!

Plentyfullme Nutrition and Lifestyle Consulting is a website dedicated to finding balance through nutrition and holistic living. I love working with brands who share the same values as I do - health, building a community, inspiring, motivating, sharing and connecting. If you're a brand who shares the same thing, contact me - I would love to work with you!

Here's what I can offer you:

Sponsored Post: If you have a website or brand that is a good fit for my blog and readers I would be happy to post an honest review to share with my audience in the form of a sponsored post.

Recipe Development: I love creating healthy recipes and would be happy to discuss creating an original recipe or snack idea using your product and featuring it in a sponsored post on my blog or I can create content for you to post of any of your platforms.

Product Reviews / Giveaways: I would be happy to host a review and/or giveaway if your product aligns with my blog and my audience.

Brand Ambassador Programs: I love building long-term relationships with brands who share the same values as I do. As an ambassador I am happy to work with you on a continual basis to promote new products and promotions, reviews products, share sponsored posts, and host giveaways for your products.

Conferences, Press Trips, Retreats: I live in Vancouver, BC, but enjoy traveling! I would be open to discussing opportunities to represent your company for brand retreats, events, conferences or press trips.   

Editorial writing: I am available to write editorial content for your publication – print or web-based. Please email me with your proposal.